08.06.2020Crystal Cruises new challenges

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Crystal Cruises new challenges - Sarment Sea Wine

The Luxury American company will achieve an impressive development. Indeed, Crystal announced the order of three ships, the integration of a yacht and the start of the River Cruises. 

At the moment, the company owns two liners of 1000 pax : Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity that we already provide.

Their three new ships ultra top of the range under construction, intended to wealthy customers, will have the same capacity including 48 flats.

Crystal Esprit, 32 luxurious cabins yacht will have exclusive equipments : jet-ski, kayak, scuba diving, sea fishing and also a mini bi-space submarine. The first cruise of Crystal Esprit will be on next December 23rd and the Company gave us in charge the selection of the "haut de gamme" wine list.

In 2017, Crystal will start River Cruises with 4 ships : Crystal Debussy which will sail on the Seine between Paris and Honfleur; Crystal Ravel which will take position on the Gironde Estuary for Bordeaux agapes; Crystal Bach will stay on the Rhin and Moselle and Crystal Malher will start between Amsterdam and Budapest.

Sarment Sea Wine is proud of being selected for thoses challenges. Token of truth the gratitude from the prestigious companies who sail around the World