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For more than 15 years, Sarment Sea Wine has been building relationships of trust with many Cruise Companies and Shipchandlers. Their loyalty rewards our daily efforts. The story began with Festival, Océania Cruise, Costa Crocere, Arcalia Shipping, Radisson Seven Seas... It continues today, enriched by other companies.

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Aurora Expeditions

Australian company founded in 1991 by the famous adventurer Greg Mortimer specialized in expedition cruises to unknown regions. We provide for their 2 ultra-modern ships Champagnes, "A la Carte" as well as "All-Inclusives" Wines.

  • Greg Mortimer : Expedition ship with an average capacity of 132 passengers.
  • Sylvia Earle : Released in 2022 and certified 100% Climate Neutral, it can accomodate 132 passengers.
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Crystal Ocean Cruises

American cruise line created in 1988. Crystal Cruises is known for its premium travel and quality services, which have made it one of the leaders in luxury cruising.

Each cruise ship has a permanent cellar with a selection of thousands of bottles that would be the envy of many Michelin-starred restaurants.


Sarment Sea Wine has been involved since 2003 in restocking the great French and some foreign wines.


  • Crystal Serenity : Built in 2003 in the Chantiers de l'Atlantique of Saint-Nazaire980 passengers with a staff to guest ratio of 1.5, one of the highest in the cruise industry
  • Crystal Symphony : Built in 1995, it can accommodate 848 passengers.
  • Crystal Esprit : Luxuriously modern the Crystal Esprit enchants with the promise of sailing to iconic destinations for its 62 passengers
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Explora Journeys

With attention to detail, carefully designed itineraries and exceptional service, Explora Journeys invites travellers to explore the world's most beautiful destinations aboard elegant and refined ships:

  • Explora 1 is the first in a series of six MSC EXPLORA-class expedition ships, with fleet companions Explora 2 (2024/sistership), Explora 3 (2026), Explora 4 (2027), Explora 5 (2027) and Explora 6 (2028). With a capacity of 922 passengers (461 cabins) for 640 crew members. (Ratio 1.25)
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A new French expedition cruise line which began its polar voyages at the end of 20223.

We supply most of the 'à la carte' and 'All Inclusive' wines for its ship:

  • Exploris One: A French-flagged boat with a reinforced hull, ideal for exploring glacial regions, with 60 cabins and 12 suites.
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The 3rd largest company in the world is no longer to be introduced with its 21 ships and over 70,000 beds.

We collaborate with several of their ships:

  • Seascape: Inaugurated in 2022, with its innovative technology promises an immersive experience in perfect harmony with the ocean.
  • World Europa: Built in 2022 in Saint-Nazaire, it is the first ship to run on LNG, its ultramodern design makes it the flagship of the company.
  • Bellissima: inaugurated in March 2019, can accommodate up to 4,500 passengers.
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Mystic Cruises

Mystic Cruises is a new expedition cruise company of Portuguese origin belonging to the MysticInvest group of the Ferreira family (More than 25 years in the tourism and travel industry, also present in river cruises all over the planet)

  • World Explorer: their first expedition ship inaugurated in late 2019 out of a future fleet of 7 ships with a capacity of 200 passengers.
  • World Voyager: Sistership of the Explorer, built in 2021 for 200 passengers.
  • World Navigator: Also released in 2021: polar expedition ship with 200 passengers.
  • Vasco de Gama: Has joined the fleet since the end of 2020 with its capacity of 1200 passengers.
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Partners for more than 15 years, we work closely with Ponant on the creation and supply of the entire wine list as well as cruise wines and gala evenings. We are also involved in their frequent gastronomic events.

The only company flying the tricolour flag and advocating the "Art de Vivre à la Française", its fleet is composed of:


  • The Commandant Charcot: First hybrid electric LNG-powered polar exploration icebreaker, the latest addition to the fleet allows for explorations never before carried out at the Poles. Inaugurated in 2021, it can accommodate 245 passengers
  • Lapérouse, Champlain, Bougainville, Dumont d'Urville, Bellot and Jacques Cartier: Its 6 "Explorer" class ships can accommodate 184 passengers:
  • The Boreal, the Austral, the Lyrial and the Soléal: Its 4 ships with reinforced hulls designed for the poles that can accommodate 264 passengers.
  • The Paul Gauguin: a luxury liner based in Tahiti and operating year-round in French Polynesia with a capacity of 330 passengers.
  • Le Ponant: Its iconic sailing ship with 32 passengers will be refurbished in 2022.
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Seadream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club is an award-winning Norwegian cruise line. Established in 2001 by Atle Brynestad, the Norwegian founder of Seabourn Cruise Line and consists of 2 ships:

  • Seadream I & Seadream II: 2 Mega-Yachts with 112 passengers each.
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Silversea Cruises

Among the most luxurious cruise lines in the world, Silversea offers its passengers an ultra-personalized experience. In an elegant and refined setting, the company promises you a cruise to the most beautiful destinations around the world as well as a wine list offering a wide and qualitative choice on board their fleet:

- Silver Endeavour: A 200-passenger ship designed for exploration of the polar regions.
- Silver Dawn: Sistership of the Dawn and Moon, launched in 2022, it can accommodate up to 596 passengers.
- Silver Moon: The quintessential luxury cruise ship with a capacity of 596 passengers.
- Silver Muse: 596-passenger ship
- Silver Spirit : Renovated in 2018 it can accommodate 608 passengers
- Silver Shadow : Awarded many times, it remains one of the favorites of the fleet with 388 passengers
- Silver Whisper : The sistership of the Silver Shadow and its 388 passengers
- Silver Wind : Completely renovated in 2018 with now 274 passengers
- Silver Cloud: Halfway between luxury and expedition and a capacity of 254 passengers

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Star Clippers

Star Clippers Ltd. is a Monegasque shipping company founded in 1991 by Mikael Krafft, whose particularity is to have built and operate replicas of the largest historical sailing ships for luxury cruises.

Bernd and Marco, responsible for the hotel organization, have trusted us since 2004 and we are particularly honored.

They operate 3 ships:

  • Royal Clipper: The largest "traditional" sailing ship in the world with its 5000 m² of sail, its 5 masts, its 227 passengers and 106 sailors! Designed in 2000 on the model of the former Preussen (1902-1910)
  • Star Clipper : a four-masted schooner with 3365 m² of sail that can accommodate 170 passengers
  • Star Flyer : Sistership of the Star Flyer with 3365 m² of sail and 170 passengers
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Swan Hellenic

If you are looking to discover the remote polar regions or explore off-the-beaten track destinations and cultures of our spectacular planet, you are in good company. Swan Hellenic exists to provide guests with authentic, intimate and unforgettable moments in extraordinary places and remote locations. While enjoying an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere on board.

  • SH Minerva: built in 2021, she is the first of three new ships in Swan Hellenic's fleet with a capacity of 152 passengers.
  • SH Vega : Leaving the Helsinkin shipyards in 2022 with a reinforced hull for polar explorations and a capacity of 152 passengers and 120 crew.
  • SH Diana : The latest addition to the Swan Hellenic fleet in 2023 with an increased capacity of 192 passengers.


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Viking Ocean Cruises


Founded in 2002, AmaWaterways is a luxury river cruise company offering cruises on some of the most breathtaking waterways in Europe, Africa and Asia, including the Seine, Rhône and Garonne rivers where we supply their ships:

  • AmaKristina: Inaugurated in 2016, it can accommodate 158 passengers and sails on the Rhône.
  • AmaDolce: Built in 2009, it is positioned on the Garonne with a capacity of 148 passengers.
  • AmaLyra : Also built in 2009 with a capacity of 148 passengers, it sails on the Seine
  • AmaDante : Inaugurated in 2008, it can accommodate 148 passengers and sails on the Seine.
  • AmaCello : Also inaugurated in 2008, it can accommodate 148 passengers and sails on the Rhône river


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Riverside Cruises

A new river cruise company offering one of the highest levels of luxury, with en suite cabins, fine dining and a ratio of one member of staff to every two passengers on board.

Subsidiary of the famous German hotel group: Seaside

  • MS Ravel: Sailing on the Rhône between the Camargue and Burgundy along the Rhône Valley with its 55 suites.
  • MS Mozart: With its 81 suites, no other luxury river cruise ship on the Danube offers as much space and such a large crew.
  • MS Debussy: Positioned on the Rhine, it visits the cities of Amsterdam, Brussels, Strasbourg, etc. with its 55 suites.
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Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection is an American company that operates a fleet of 21 river cruise ships on the rivers of Europe, Russia, Egypt, South America and China. We supply all the wines of their ships sailing in France:

  • SS Catherine : 159 passengers on the Rhône and the Saône
  • SS Joie de Vivre : 128 passengers on the Sine river
  • SS Bon Voyage : 124 passengers on the Garonne
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Viking River Cruises

With more than 60 ships, Viking River Cruises has the largest fleet in the river cruise market.

We provide the wines of their boats sailing on the Garonne River:

  •  Viking Forseti : Longship that can accommodate 190 passengers
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ASL Airlines

Leisure, incentive or VIP flights, ASL Airlines transports on board their Boeing 737, the passengers of major tour operators.

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Safrans du Monde

Since 2003, Safrans Du Monde is a tour operator and travel agency specialized in tailor-made trips, world tours and air cruises.

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For more than 30 years, between sky and sea, TMR has been shaking up the world of travel! From round-the-world tours to maritime cruises, TMR unveils the planet aboard extraordinary ships, with 3 main specialties: Round-the-world tours, the most mythical of trips (45 in total, including 9 aboard the Concorde), Cruises (563 to date, aboard 82 ships) and Exploratory Trips (126)

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B&S Global

Basés aux Pays-Bas, B&S Global est un grossiste et un distributeur international de biens de consommation comme les vins et Champagnes sur toute une série de marchés de niche dont les compagnies de croisières.

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Blue Water Shipping

Blue Water Shipping est une société de transport et de logistique internationale, qui offre à ses clients des solutions personnalisées avec un service unique et de haute qualité

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Cavo Luigi

Fournisseurs de boissons et de services logistiques depuis 1936 sur le secteur des croisières en Italie.

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Friends in Brands

The dynamic team of Friends in Brands with over 50 years of experience in supplying the hospitality branch

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HMS Services

Basés en ALlemagne, HMS est un des principaux fournisseurs maritimes qu'il s'agisse d'une croisière océanique ou fluviale, d'un ferry ou d'un navire d'excursion.

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Morgan 4 Ships

Basé à Livourne en Italie, Morgan4ship est un fournisseur de produits de haute qualité avec une logistique performante et un service de fourniture aux armateurs, aux gestionnaires de navires et à leurs clients.

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Gebr. Schoemaker est l'un des principaux distributeurs de produits alimentaires et de boissons au service des opérateurs sur les marchés mondiaux des croisières, du transport maritime, de l'hôtellerie, du duty free et d'autres marchés d'import/export.

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Sedisp est un transporteur/logisticien italien qui intervient dans divers secteurs, y compris celui des croisières internationales.

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CMI Leisure

CMI Leisure est une société américaine basée en Floride fournissant des services de gestion hôtelière sur mesure conçus pour le marché des expéditions et des croisières de niche. Nous travaillons ensemble à l'élaboration de la carte des vins pour les navires qu'ils ont à leur charge :

  • Greg Mortimer : Construit en 2019, il est le premier navire à passagers à être équipé du révolutionnaire ULSTEIN X-BOW® offrant une meilleure stabilité dans une mer agitée, une vitesse accrue et un impact environnemental réduit. Il peut accueillir 160 passagers
  • Sea Spirit : Spécialiste des croisières polaires avec ses 120 passagers
  • Ocean Endeavour : Propriété de Sunstone et charterisé par le voyagiste danois Albatros Travel ce navire destiné aux expéditions polaires peut accueillir 300 passagers
  • Ocean Adventurer : Propriété de Sunstone et charterisé par le voyagiste danois Albatros Travel ce navire destiné aux expéditions polaires peut accueillir 118 passagers
  • Ocean Diamond : Également Propriété de Sunstone et charterisé par le voyagiste danois Albatros Travel ce navire destiné aux expéditions polaires peut accueillir 113 passagers
  • Ocean Atlantic : Également Propriété de Sunstone et charterisé par le voyagiste danois Albatros Travel ce navire destiné aux expéditions polaires peut accueillir 132 passagers
  • Victory I & II : Magnifiques petits bateaux-boutiques qui naviguent facilement dans les canaux, les fleuves et Grands Lacs américains mais aussi dans les eaux turquoise des Caraïbes pouvant accueillir 216 passagers chacun
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Edelweiss Gastro

Edelweiss Gastro est une société de gestion maritime qui ne travaille qu'avec les navires les plus modernes dans le secteur des croisières fluviales de luxe en Europe. Nous avitaillons pour eux leurs navires présents sur les fleuves français :


  • MS Jane Austen : Construit en 2015 il peut accueillir 148 passagers et navigue sur la Seine
  • MS Swiss Sapphire : Également présent sur la Seine il peut accueillir 104 passagers
  • MS Thurgau : Naviguant sur le Rhône et la Saône avec une capacité de 154 passagers
  • MS Swiss Gloria : Il navigue aussi sur le Rhône et la Saône avec ses 153 passagers
  • MS Lord Byron : Construit en 2012 il peut accueillir 148 passagers et navigue sur le Rhône et la Saône
  • MS William Shakespeare : Naviguant sur le Rhône et la Saône avec une capacité de 152 passagers
  • MS Swiss Emerald : Il peut accueillir 104 passagers et navigue sur le Rhône et la Saône
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Leader in the market of operational management of hotels on rivers and seas, we collaborate with Seachefs on their river cruise ships:

  • Amalyra and Amadante: 148 passengers each sailing on the Seine
  • Amacello and AmaKristina : 148 and 158 passengers sailing on the Rhône and Saône rivers
  • Amadeus Diamond and its 146 passengers sailing on the Seine
  • Amadeus Provence and its 140 passengers sailing on the Rhône and Saône rivers
  • Amadolce : 148 passengers sailing on the Garonne and the Gironde estuary
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